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Behind The Scenes With Water Damage Cleanup

We know we have talked about the signs or indicators of water damage in your Katy home before, but have you ever wondered why water may cause those signs? One that we see a lot of is peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper – which is actually pretty fascinating. It literally looks like bubbles are […]

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Key Indicators For Water Damage Restoration Needs

Water damage is easy to diagnose when you can see standing water in your Sugarland home. However, not all water damage is in areas you can see. Since there is plumbing behind the walls, in our crawl spaces, and in other hidden areas, sometimes there can be water damage that we do not catch until […]

water damage repair katy tx

3 Water Damage Cleanup Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you are experiencing water damage from a plumbing issue, flooding, or any other source, cleanup can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, most homeowners in Katy do not know the correct way to clean up water damage, and they actually end up making things worse. Here are the 3 most common mistakes homeowners make when […]

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Prevent Water Damage In Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is an area in your home that’s prone to sustaining water damage. It’s important to monitor this area frequently so you can catch any signs of water damage early on. Failure to do this and sustaining water damage can lead to mold growth, damage of the building’s structure and personal belongings, and […]

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Four Things To Check On Your Washer To Avoid Major Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can come from a number of different culprits in your home. One of the most common sources though is the washing machine. Using anywhere between 20-80 gallons of water per load (some high-energy machines use less), it is no wonder that these appliances can cause extensive water damage. Here are 4 things you […]

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The Dangers of DIY Water Damage Restoration

Would you purposefully put yourself in danger? The answer to that question for the majority of people is no. There are dangers all around us but you can stay out of danger by doing certain things, staying out of certain areas, or using certain protective equipment. In specific, there are many dangers with water damage […]

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Signs Of Water Damage To Help With The Restoration Process

It is critical to respond to water damage as soon as it is noticed, and to not let water sit untreated for extended amounts of time. The longer water damage goes unresolved, the worse the damage becomes. This can prove a difficult task if the water damage is occurring in places we cannot see (i.e. […]

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Protecting Your Home From Water Damage And Restoration Needs

Houstonians are looking for new ways to maximize their time and money. In Texas, a traditional home averages about 1800 square/foot,  but a home built in Houston this decade has an average of 2,316 square feet. Many of our neighbors are choosing tiny homes less than 500 sq/ft. Whether they replace their main home, choose […]

water damage restoration sugar land

Catastrophic Water Damage Leaks And Restoration Plans

Tiny water leaks in your house can linger for years and drive up water bills. However, spontaneous water leaks can be catastrophic and destructive in the home. With people spending even more time at home, the opportunities for failure are high: toilet lines burst, pipes freeze, refrigerator tubing cracks. These leaks are common and expensive. […]

Post-Hurricane Recovery Tips from a Flood Damage Expert

In the aftermath of a hurricane it is essential that you enlist and entrust professionals to guide you through the process of restoring your home. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous people see natural disasters as an opportunity to profit and benefit from others’ misfortune and it can be difficult to decide who to trust.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and neighboring communities in Texas and Louisiana in 2017, Dave Daniels, Graduate Master Builder, GHBA Remodeler/Builder and co-founder of 24/7 Restoration Specialists, compiled his tips and thoughts for homeowners attempting to rebuild after catastrophic loss.