water damage restoration houston

Common Reasons You May Need Water Damage Restoration

Houston, Texas, is no stranger to water damage due to its humid subtropical climate and occasional heavy rainfall. Water damage can be devastating to a home, leading to structural damage, mold growth, and health hazards.  Water Damage Restoration Houston Here are some of the most common reasons a home in Houston may need water damage […]

water damage restoration houston

Identifying When You Need Water Damage Restoration

The fact that water damage is not always easy to see is one of its biggest issues. In many Houston properties, water damage has really existed for extended periods of time before water damage restoration actually begins. How then can you identify concealed water damage in your home so you can begin restoration right away?  […]

water damage restoration houston

Frozen Pipes And Water Damage

Here in Houston, we don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures too often. That being said, with the recent December Gail that brought very low temperatures and the threat of a hard freeze, many homeowners were caught off guard by just how quickly and easily pipes can freeze. Here is a brief rundown on what […]

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Preventing Water Damage Cleanup In The Bathroom

Have you ever considered how much water passes through your bathroom each day? A 10-minute shower requires a minimum of 25 gallons, while the toilet utilizes roughly 18.5 gallons of water per person each day. Do you leave the sink on when brushing your teeth? That’s 4 more gallons. Washing your hands or face with […]

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Problems You Might Face During Water Damage Restoration

Floodwaters can severely damage or completely ruin your house. Flooding can occur as a result of external factors such as adverse weather or internal issues such as piping failures. Floodwaters contain unidentified pesticides and chemicals that could pollute as well as discolor the walls and flooring as well as cause massive structural damage to your […]

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The Process Of A Fire Damage Cleanup

Every Houston home can be better protected from fire with thoughtful prevention and good habits such as smoke detectors kept in good condition, a well-thought escape plan, and no candles left unattended.  Fire Damage Restoration In Katy When your home has suffered from fire damage, you will need comprehensive damage recovery services: removing soot, making […]

fire damage restoration katy

What You Should Throw Away After A Fire

A key step to cleaning up after a fire is disposing of items that were made unusable or toxic by the fire. Doing this is not only a practical step for getting rid of unusable materials but also important for your health due to prolonged exposure to these items can cause health problems. From our […]

Water Damage Restoration Houston

Tips for Avoiding Water Damage in Your Houston Home This Summer

It doesn’t matter how big or small your Houston property is, water damage is always incredibly damaging. Even if it feels warmer and drier, one thing to bear in mind during the summer season is water damage. Irrigation systems, summer storms, and a range of other factors can all pose potential hazards to your home. […]

water damage restoration houston

The Hot Houston Real Estate Market Causes Water Damage Doubts

For once, the phrase “Houston is so hot” refers to the housing market. Not only are neighbors switching neighborhoods, there are lots of newbies, too. The three county region of Houston has added 1 million residents over the past 10 years. The latest data confirms that for the first time ever the average sale price […]

water damage restoration houston

Water Damage Restoration FAQs In Houston

Houston homes face many risks of serious water damage: storm-related flooding from the bayous, a broken water line from the street, an appliance failure. Quick and effective action is needed to avoid additional damage and the threat of mold. In serious cases, the water damage can lead to   structural issues in the home.  Many […]