Common Sources Of Potential Water Damage Cleanup In Katy

Here are just a few common sources in your home that could leave you in need of water damage cleanup.While we may not have to worry about water damage from frozen pipes this winter here in Katy, there are still other water damage threats we should be aware of. Here are just a few common sources in your home that could leave you in need of water damage cleanup.

Water Damage Cleanup In Katy

First, leaky pipes. Again, the temperature here rarely, if ever, falls below freezing so burst pipes from freezing are not a common occurrence. However, leaky pipes are still a very common source of water damage in homes. Anything that increases the pressure inside pipes can lead to leaks or bursts. Backed up drains, clogs, and deteriorating or corroding pipes can all cause leaks that lead to water damage because they put extra strain on the inside of your pipes. If you notice rust on your pipes, see any leaks or build-up of water on or near your pipes, or notice slow draining, you should take action to correct the problem before a major leak occurs. 

Another common cause of water damage is the water heater. Water heater tanks house gallons and gallons of water, making hot water available at the turn of a faucet. That being said, if a leak occurs in your water heater tank, all those gallons of water will leak out into your home. Much like with pipes, when pressure inside the water tank gets too high, leaks or bursts are more of a risk. High water pressure in your pipes, build-up of minerals inside the tank, and water heat settings that are too high are all common causes of increased water pressure inside your water heater tank. The best way to avoid water damage from your water heater tank is to schedule regular and routine maintenance, as directed by the manufacturer.

Appliances that use water, like the dishwasher or washing machine, are also common culprits of water damage. These appliances use water hoses to connect to a source of water and to drain the water. These hoses and connections can become loosened or weakened, which can lead to leaking and flooding. Using the wrong type of detergent, or too much detergent, in your washing machine or dishwasher can result in water flooding out into your home. Make sure that any connections to water sources are sealed tight, and only use appliances as directed by their manufacturers. 

While there are other sources of water damage, including weather related causes, these are just a few that you should be prepared for. While it may seem overwhelming when you think about all the possible things that could go wrong and leave your home needing water damage cleanup, there is some good news. Whether you are experiencing water damage from a plumbing issue, flooding, appliance, or leaky pipes, 24/7 Restoration Specialists is ready to provide water damage cleanup in Katy as soon as you call. We understand that water damage cleanup is an extensive process that needs to be handled quickly and thoroughly, which is why we offer the best services in the business. So give us a call whenever you need water damage cleanup.