Problems You Might Face During Water Damage Restoration

water damage cleanup katy txFloodwaters can severely damage or completely ruin your house. Flooding can occur as a result of external factors such as adverse weather or internal issues such as piping failures. Floodwaters contain unidentified pesticides and chemicals that could pollute as well as discolor the walls and flooring as well as cause massive structural damage to your building. 

Water Damage Cleanup Katy TX

If you’ve sustained water damage from severe flooding in your Katy TX home, here are some problems you will face in addition to the excess water.

Structural Issues

If you do not clean up standing water quickly and adequately, the structural rigidity of your house will be jeopardized. Water damage tends to affect your home’s floors, ceilings, walls, and foundation. These structural elements are made of porous materials that soak up excess water in the event of a flood. With time, it causes warping, swelling, and deterioration. The most severe risk with structural failure is that most of it goes unnoticed until the issue becomes too severe to overlook. Hidden moisture will not be visible until it has swelled, bent, cracked, warped, and deteriorated in the walls, beneath floorboards, in the ceilings, or in your foundation.


If your property floods, always treat the standing water as if it is contaminated. Water damage from external sources, like rivers, streams, as well as septic lines, poses highly hazardous health hazards. Biohazards and heavily contaminated water can result in serious health issues if consumed or even come into direct contact with them. Water that has flooded into your home may also have been in contact with numerous household chemicals, increasing the contamination level.

Electrical Issues

When you notice flooding in your household, switch off all power in the affected region. Water and electricity don’t really mix well. If flood damage is not resolved immediately, it could cause damage to the electronic equipment, blown circuits, and perhaps even fires and electrocution. Each and every power outlet, cord, or electronics that have been exposed to flooding should be considered dangerous and shouldn’t be turned on. Keep in mind, only turn off the electricity if it’s safe to do so. If you’re unsure, be sure to call professionals to do so.


Mold always begins to grow one day after any type of water damage. It continues to grow if water is still present. Because mold develops through tiny pores, it could easily spread through the atmosphere to other parts of the home, not just the flooded area. Mildew and mold in the atmosphere cause a variety of respiratory problems, including watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, itchy throat, headaches, and dizziness. Lingering water damage as well as poor drying would also contribute significantly to the growth of mold. As a result, without a quick response and suitable water damage cleanup equipment, you put your house at risk of mold growth.

Flood damage in your residence can be stressful, but the great news is that 24/7 Restoration Specialists are here to assist. Allow 24/7 Restoration Specialists to lend a hand to you in cleaning and returning your home to normal. Call us right away if you require assistance with water damage cleanup in Katy TX.