Property Restoration Mistakes: Fire Damage in Katy, Texas

When you need fire damage restoration in Katy, you need help and need it fast. Fire damage restoration is complex, and when it is not handled quickly or correctly it can turn into an even bigger problem.

Without the proper guidance and direction, you will likely end up making at least one of these mistakes following a fire in your home:

  • Mistake #1: Didn’t Take Photos of the Damage.
  • Mistake #2: Didn’t Follow Fire Damage Restoration Safety Precautions.
  • Mistake #3: DIY Fire Damage Cleanup.
fire damage katy kitchen

Mistake number 1:

Before contacting the homeowner’s insurance company and documenting all damages and losses, you begin to clean up the damaged area. While getting started on cleanup right away is very important, touching or tampering with anything before damages have been documented could affect how much your insurer will cover.

Without adequate proof of damage, the chances of coverage become very slim. Be sure to call your insurance provider and speak with an adjuster to be sure that you know exactly what they need before you begin any attempt at fire damage restoration. Not only is keeping a detailed record often required for insurance purposes but will also help you take and keep an inventory of your belongings and help you feel a little more in control of a chaotic situation. One of the best ways to do this is to take pictures and videos while keeping a list or record of damages sustained by the home and damaged belongings. 

Mistake number 2:

Because you are unaware of other potential damage, you fail to take the necessary precautions for your home. Fire damage is often accompanied by other types of damage as well, meaning you need to be prepared to safeguard your home from any further problems. For example, if the fire damaged exterior walls of your home or the roof, your home is now susceptible to further damage from being open to the outside. Whether it be damage from the elements like rain or wind, or intrusion from wildlife, there are so many more potential disasters that can further damage your home if it is not properly secured and protected.

By utilizing tarps and board, you can cover and secure your home from the outside world until restoration and repairs can be completed. Another common problem that comes with fire damage is water damage, typically as a result of extinguishing the flames. Water damage, when left unresolved, can cause lead to further structural damage and even mold damage. As if fire damage in and of itself is not enough to try to deal with, all the other disasters that can accompany it must be considered and then presented to the best of your ability. 

Mistake number 3:

You do not call a professional fire damage restoration company and attempt to handle it on your own. The best way to mitigate any further damage to your home and be sure that you can get the most from your home insurance coverage, along with ensuring the best possible outcome for your home and belongings is to call a local fire damage disaster restoration company you can trust.

 24/7 Restoration Services can guide and direct you through the entire process while offering our services to restore your home. We have experience working with insurance companies and will be sure to go about the process as quickly as possible all while making sure you are getting the most out of your coverage. We can handle the entire cleanup process, including any repairs or replacements that may be necessary. Most importantly, we can help to make sure none of the above-mentioned mistakes are made, and let you take the heavy load of fire damage restoration off your shoulders and allow us to do what we do best – restore your home following fire damage.