The Hot Houston Real Estate Market Causes Water Damage Doubts

water damage restoration houstonFor once, the phrase “Houston is so hot” refers to the housing market. Not only are neighbors switching neighborhoods, there are lots of newbies, too. The three county region of Houston has added 1 million residents over the past 10 years. The latest data confirms that for the first time ever the average sale price of a single-family home in Houston exceeded $400,000. 

The plumbing inside of homes may be as old as the structure itself and can lead to plenty of problems and unanticipated costs, especially if the plumbing wasn’t taken care of through the years. So if you are considering an older home, be on the lookout for signs of prior water damage. The restoration team at  24/7 Restoration Specialists has a lot of experience and can be an invaluable resource for you during this process. 

Water Damage Restoration in Houston

Common Problems in Pre-owned Homes

Even brand new builds can have construction mistakes that lead to water damage, but here are a few things to look for in an older gem on the market: 

Corroded Pipes

If the unit is over 30 years old, those original materials would never be used today. For example, lead was first restricted in the 1920s and completely banned in 1986. The most popular replacement after that was galvanized steel. The thick zinc coating, designed to protect pipes, was found highly corrosive. The result could be rusty water in every faucet.  

Saggy lines

Slow drains, frequent back-ups, and sewer smells are a hint. Lush, green patches around your lawn are a sure sign of a broken or “bellied” pipe. As your home shifts and settles over time, the pipes underneath your house may start to slope, or “belly,” restricting water flow.  This pressure could crack the line and create a slow leak.    

Old Fixtures

Limescale buildup on outdated plumbing fixtures can lead to broken connections and serious leaks. As those minerals collect around the metal joints, they will calcify and harden the handles. Then, when you twist or turn the lever, the entire piece might break off.  

Old Plumbing Can Lead To Water Damage For New Owners

Internally, the hundreds of feet of water lines and pipes could be as old as the structure itself. If the home wasn’t well maintained through the years, you could also be buying some extra water damage along with the coffered ceilings and mature landscaping. 

Having a qualified restoration team to create a plan will relieve your stress. 24/7 Restoration Specialists will solve the original water problem and then restore all the damaged materials: drywall, flooring, subfloor, cabinets, and tile.

When You Have Water Damage In Houston 

Call 24/7 Restoration Specialists can respond to water emergencies as well as slow, long term water damage. Each home project will require special procedures: tile, carpet, laminate, hardwoods, vinyl planks. These qualified technicians will bring the expertise, equipment, and energy to restore your home quickly and safely.

Call 24/7 Restoration Specialists for quick, courteous, professional water damage restoration.