Behind The Scenes With Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup katy tx, water damage restoration katy tx, water damage repair katy txWe know we have talked about the signs or indicators of water damage in your Katy home before, but have you ever wondered why water may cause those signs? One that we see a lot of is peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper – which is actually pretty fascinating. It literally looks like bubbles are forming in the wall, and sometimes you can press on them and feel the water move behind them. Let’s go behind the scenes (or, in this case, behind the walls) and see just how water can cause this weird phenomenon to occur, and what that means as far as water damage cleanup goes.

Water Damage Cleanup In Katy, TX

Slow leaks, a burst pipe, plumbing problems, and excess humidity are all different ways water can cause bubbles to appear on walls. As water builds up behind the surface of your walls, it will begin to force its way out. Since most paint contains latex, it acts as a type of barrier for the water. So, instead of leaking out of the wall, it will just push through the wall and pool up behind the latex paint. Latex paint has elasticity to it, which allows it to stretch and swell in response to the excess water behind it. Picture a latex glove – they are made to stretch. If you fill up a latex glove with water, it stretches and swells just like a water balloon. Now, while they do have a lot of give and are flexible, the latex can only be stretched so much before it will give in to the pressure and burst. The same goes for the paint on your walls. While it may separate from the wall a little ways to allow space for the water to fill up, it will only be able to expand so much before it reaches a breaking point. This is why it is important to recognize bubbling paint as a possible sign of water damage and get it checked out before the problem grows bigger.

Now that we know why water damage can cause our walls to bubble, we are going to walk you through what you should do if you have this problem in your home. First, you need to find the source of the water that is beginning to build up inside your walls. Failure to find and fix the water leak will only result in further damage and, eventually, mold growth. Once you have found and stopped the source, then you can address the wall itself. The water needs to be removed so you will have to prick the bubbles (or blisters as they are also commonly referred to) to let the water drain out. Sometimes leaking water can create massive blisters in ceilings, so before you let that water fall out all over, you may want to consider calling in help.

24/7 Restoration knows how to safely remove water damage from walls, ceilings, floors, you name it! If you find yourself intrigued by bubbling in your walls or ceilings, don’t try to fix them on your own. We can make sure the water damage cleanup is done quickly and correctly, and will leave your walls smooth and dry.