What You Should Throw Away After A Fire

fire damage restoration katyA key step to cleaning up after a fire is disposing of items that were made unusable or toxic by the fire. Doing this is not only a practical step for getting rid of unusable materials but also important for your health due to prolonged exposure to these items can cause health problems. From our fire damage restoration experts at 24/7 Restoration Specialists in Katy, here are five things you will likely need to throw away after a fire. 

Fire Damage Restoration In Katy


It is possible that clothing can be saved after a fire although saving clothing is not easy or guaranteed. If there is anything with minor smoke absorption or singles, make sure it is worth the effort to restore it as opposed to just replacing it. Moreover, the last thing you want to do is wear clothing that still has smoke or soot in it as exposure to your skin can cause serious irritation.


Aside from clothes, other fabric materials like bedding, rugs, drapes, and carpet can absorb the smells and chemicals of smoke, soot and firefighting chemicals. Because they can often be too large to effectively clean especially if the entire item is compromised, it’s probably best to just get rid of them.

Food And Medicine

When it comes to food and medicine, the decision of whether or not you should save them is simple. Any perishable or non-sealed food or medicine items should be discarded without a second thought. Keeping these items, even if you are sure they were not exposed, is just not worth the risk of ingesting smoke and soot. 

Electrical Equipment

Do not use small appliances, entertainment equipment, and other devices until they’ve been checked for water and heat damage. If you’re unsure about their condition, it’s better to toss them than risk starting another fire. Damage from a fire can cause major damage to the electrical systems of these items, even if the damage isn’t apparently visible. Using a damaged item is obviously dangerous since the system could short circuit causing sparks and possibly another fire. If the damaged items are that valuable or important and you aren’t sure about their state, have them inspected by a professional before plugging them in again. 


Just like clothes and other types of textiles, fabric from furniture and mattresses can irritatingly hold onto smells and chemicals you might not be able to get out. Not to mention, these types of fabric could have been structurally compromised by the fire. Once again, restoring them is not impossible, but it is difficult and you should make sure it is worth it before beginning the process. 

It can be painful to get rid of your belongings especially when those belongings are financially or personally valuable. Fortunately, we at 24/7 Restoration Specialists in Katy, are here to help you make those tough decisions. Give us a call today if you are dealing with the aftermath of the fire so we can help you overcome the damage and save as many of your belongings as possible.